All About Us - Jay Bernard, a recognized leader, and innovator in the faux and decorative arts industry is the owner of Faux Décor, a faux finishing and interior design assistance company.  Jay is also the owner of the acclaimed online exterior home color rendering service eletint.com.  Jay's color selection and composition skills are widely acknowledged, as is his talent for transforming spaces into elegant showrooms and exciting places to live and work.

Jay studied the art of faux finishing among other places at the prestigious Finishing School of New York for over 10 years, a recognized world leader in the art of faux finishing since the the1930s - and returned frequently to hone his skills up until its closing in the late two thousand’s. Jay also studied color design, composition, mural painting, and design artistry at the Cleveland Institute of Art and uses these skills to workshop throughout the United States with top artisans whenever possible.  

Jay Bernard is also the founder and creator of United Artisans Inc. - United Artisans is a creative business approach - and artisan guild partnership. The UA's motto is “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Jay Bernard’s company Faux Decor and its cooperative partner companies provide and achieve for our customers a better design, performance, and greater customer satisfaction because Faux Decor along with its UA partners collaborate to combine their extraordinary talents to better serve their clients. United Artisans doesn’t just have one person with years of experience…we have the accumulated experience and design perspectives for every design style from dozens of award-winning and top artisan partners throughout the United States. United Artisans bring together the collective, efforts, talent, and skills of every UA member company as needed for any client’s project. This ensures that every aspect of a client’s project is given attention by the very best craftsman. 

Some of the U.A. members’ accolades include Luxury Hotels, murals in India, Los Angeles, Chicago, Little Rock, Nashville, and others. Some of the finest restaurants including in the city of Nashville, personal commissioned art pieces, State of Arkansas highest award for finest restoration artist, commissioned work for many personalities, performers in the music industry, disclosure protected work for top business execs, stars, and elegant and luxurious finishes and designs in hundreds of homes just like yours here and across the country.  

Jay's master finishes go beyond the usual parameters of traditional faux finishing and even the limitations of fine wallpaper. Jay and his team develop and produce for each client according to their design requirements a tasteful representation of the Traditional,  Classical,  Transitional, and Modern to Urban Chic designs - from subtle and elegant to rich and spectacular in price ranges to fit just about any budget. 

"I would say that my specialty is fabricating designs that look historically authentic or that create a modern interpretation of traditional design. But my objective is to make every finish feel incredibly comfortable and appealing in any design scheme. What I find essential to the success of any design is listening to the client; my favorite part of any project is collaborating with clients to achieve the desired look and feel."                                         - Jay Bernard 

The perfect design is perfectly balanced, and perfectly balancing each home’s design is what our teams do best. From the initial design concept to the completion of your project. You will love all our professional production and design rendering services from our award-winning faux and decorative painting design team and our highly reviewed color specialist. We want every customer to Fall in love with their home again. Our design team works with all our clients to achieve stylish and luxurious results that take your home from good to great design! 

Jay and the team of UA artisans create for his clients creative, versatile, cost-effective, and space-changing designs that reflect each client’s personality and lifestyle. 615.414.5059 

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